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Update #7. Influenza vaccination CANCELLED until further notice.

Mar 27 2020

Hello all

Very early days into this lock down. Hopefully you are finding ways to keep occupied. 


A few important announcements:

  • Influenza vaccination sticks have been exhausted throughout the country. This means that our planned vaccination clinics for influenza have to be CANCELLED until further notice. While this is disappointing there are some positives to note. Because of the social isolation underway, the scope for spread of influenza is greatly reduced. We should get stock in before the end of level 4. This delays the immunization date, which means the effectiveness will be extended well into October. We often see influenza spikes in September/October so this delay is not a bad thing.
  • We have been testing for Covid-19 in the carpark. We are doing 10 to 15 tests a day. None of the tests we have done so far have been positive, but this may well change. This isolation is to keep those positive test numbers low. We can manage this as long as we maintain the social isolation rules.
  • Our new building at the rear the carpark is operational, if you have a cough, shortness of breath, runny nose or other respiratory symptoms that need assessment we will arrange to see you in that building. PLEASE PHONE if you have these symptoms requiring assessment. If it is a normal cough and cold and no contact with Covid-19 then you do not to see us or call. Self-manage that as you would normally. Of course, we are here to help if you do need advice.



We are very much open for business, just in a different way. Book to have a phone of video consult. We will see you in person if needed. Childhood immunisations are carrying on as usual, as these are very important, please book for those. More doctors will be making video consultations available starting next Monday. As this rolls out you will see the option on the ManageMyHealth booking app.


Our nurses will try to do call to more vulnerable people over the next few weeks. Our booked Health and Wellness appointments will carry on, but as a phone or video call.


Stay well, stay safe.

Update #6

Mar 24 2020

Today was smoother for us than yesterday, still bedding in systems and the nationwide intermittent internet has not helped!

A few things to let you all know about.

  • Influenza vaccinations are still going ahead.
  • We are reducing the hours that our doors are open. We will still be working on non face-to-face work after 430
  • Bringing more doctors on board with video consultations over next 24 hours.
  • Our assessment building at rear of the property ready for use tomorrow.
  • Our default for repeat prescriptions is to fax - the pickup at surgery option has been removed. We have reduced the fee for a faxed script from $21 to $17 - the same as the old pickup fee.
  • We will continue to run our nurse led clinics, like diabetes reviews and health and wellness. These will be via phone. and hopefully video.

We will all watch with great interest the Covid-19 numbers. If they drop then in a month things get a bit less restrictive.

Covid Update #5

Mar 23 2020

Alert Level 3.

Level 4 soon...

We are moving all appointments to phone consultations. Prescriptions will be faxed to your nominated pharmacy.

Systems were overloaded today so we will hold off video for now. We expect this to be running soon.

We will still see people who need to be seen, for example new pain, shortness of breath, high fever. Infants who are not feeding and with a fever will need to be seen. If you make an appointment online please say what it is about. When you call to make an appointment if you think you do need to be seen in person, let reception know and they will put your through to one of our wonderful nurses.


We've had a lot of messages of support from you, and we do appreciate that.

Our commitment remains the same - to provide care to this population of ours. 

People will need to be resilient and resourceful, but we can do this.

Take care of ourselves and your loved ones.

Kia kaha


Covid-19 Update #4.

Mar 22 2020

We have been advised to reduce the number of patients coming into our waiting rooms. This sensible advice, as we know it is often unwell people who come to the practice.

We are making significant changes to the way we work, with a big shift to telephone, online and video consultation.


We will see people who need to be seen, but by reducing the patient flow and waiting room numbers we can help stop Covid-19 spreading

When you phone to book an appointment our receptionists will try to arrange a 'virtual consultation' where the doctor or nurse will call you at the booked time. If you feel you need to be seen in person the receptionist will pass you through to one of the nurses who will work with you to work out if this can be done via phone or if you do need to come in. Things that will usually need to be seen in person is recent onset of new pain, shortness of breath or fever. A lot of other health care can be handled over the phone.

If your consultation is about an infection is is helpful for us to know your heart rate and temperature https://www.wikihow.com/Check-Your-Pulse

We are still offering immunisations for children and adult flu clinics.

Virtual consultations will include us arranging lab tests if needed, and faxing of your prescription to the pharmacy of your choice.


We are stopping non-essential minor surgery. Other services are running, but this is all very changeable. We will continue to keep you updated via text, this website and ManageMyHealth

www.healthnavigator is a great site if you need health information.



If you can find the information you need in the links below and follow that advice then that will help us a lot by reducing the call load on reception and nurses. We are here to help, but please check to see if you really need to call us - the information you need may be at www.covod19.govt.nz


Who should be tested?

So far, we have not seen any community spread of Covid-19 in New Zealand. This means that if you have cough and cold or flu symptoms, it is likely to be a 'normal' viral infection. We will need to see and swab people who fit the 'case definition.' The information we use is available on the Ministry of Health website here: https://www.health.govt.nz/our-work/diseases-and-conditions/covid-19-novel-coronavirus/covid-19-novel-coronavirus-health-advice-general-public#exposed




Many people have been asked to self-isolate. Usually because of recent travel. Very rarely in NZ it is because of close contact with someone with confirmed Covid-19.

Current information on self-isolation is here: www.covid19.govt.nz 


NOTE - for those self-isolating because of travel who develop symptoms, the advice on the website is to call the Healthline Covid number. We are aware that there can be a delay on this line. We are happy for you to phone us, and if necessary we will arrange testing here without having to call Healthline.



Medical Certificates

If you have had a 'normal' viral infection and are now well, we do not have the capacity to provide your employer with a certificate saying you are fit for work. Please treat this as you would normally. Employers should take you back once symptoms of your cough or cold has resolved.

If you have been in isolation because of suspected coronavirus then Healthline is supposed to provide that certificate.

ACC and WINZ off work or reduced work certification can now be done after a video or phone consultation.

Other news:

The new building for assessing patients is nearly built at the rear of the carpark. We will use this room to assess symptomatic people where we suspect Covid. Testing will now be done at the Community Based Assessment Centre on RIddiford Street outside the hospital. You need a referral from us for that. Phone and we can arrange this.

We encourage the use of repeat scripts, but we are busy. It may take us 48 hours to respond to requests, but will try for 24 hours.

The ManageMyHealth portal is great - we are using it to help patients, but please be aware that it takes us time to respond. Please keep questions simple. If it is complex then it may be best to book an appointment. We do reserve the right to charge for e-consultations, especially if they take us more than 3 lines to reply. (If we are writing more then it has taken us more time to think about it and respond.) PLEASE NOTE - With the changes across the country right now with a lot of GPs working from home, there is a surge in the use of MMH. It is taking us a while to open the emails in our system, so please try to keep these for information you can't find elsewhere.

We are currently offering all usual services, but plan to reduce those if we have widespread community outbreak of Covid.

Stay well.


Be kind to each other.


Everyone will try their best.


The Team

Island Bay Medical Centre








Feb 27 2020


Coronavirus is in the news, and this is an important illness that we need to be planning for. It is difficult to be certain how severe this will be, but we plan to provide healthcare to all of our patients.


Official information from the Ministry of Health is here which has up to date information. Refer to this for advice on isolation, personal hygiene and other information.


Coronavirus number to ring for information or support is 0800 358 5453

What will Island Bay Medical Centre be doing?


Our aim is to provide healthcare to all that need it. During a pandemic it is important to try and reduce the spread of a disease, and to protect healthcare workers so we can care for you. If coronavirus becomes more widespread and starts to affect New Zealand then we will put in place measure to provide care for you, and to protect us!


These measures are likely to include:


  • If you have symptoms or have been in contact with someone with Coronavirus please do not come to the Medical Centre ring us on 04 3837647 and speak with a medical professional  or alternatively ring the above 0800 number -
  • Use of video consultations via the Manage My Health app. Currently can be booked with Dr Medlicott, but we would look to open this up for all providers and nurses if needed.
  • Increased use of telephone consultations.
  • We expect there to be ‘self-help guides’ on the Ministry of Health website that we will link to for people to work through their symptoms to help decide if they need medical help. It may be very busy for us, so we would be wanting to see the people who really need our help.
  • Increased use of repeat prescriptions without being seen.We may have to cancel routine ongoing care appointments with nurses, like diabetes reviews so we can concentrate our staff on people who are acutely unwell.  
  • We are thinking about this, we will be flexible in our response.  Our aim is to continue to serve our patient population well.

Corona Virus

Jan 31 2020


Have you or someone you know travelled to China?

  • Do you have flu-like symptoms, a fever or acute respiratory illness?

• Have you travelled in the past 14 days to Wuhan, China?


• Have you been in close physical contact with someone with a

confirmed case of Coronavirus (nCoV)?

If you answered yes to any of these questions:

PLEASE do not come to the practice  - phone us first on 04 3837647

so that we can make arrangements to assess you in isolation

Medical Centre Christmas and New Year opening hours

Nov 26 2019



“Season’s Greetings from all the team at Island Bay Medical Centre”

Opening hours over the holiday period below:-


Monday 23 December 2019 - 9am - 5pm

Tuesday 24 December 2019 - 9am - 5pm

Wednesday 25 December 2019 - CLOSED

Thursday 26 December 2019 CLOSED

Friday 27 December 2019 - 9am - 5pm

JANUARY:- 2020

Monday 30 December 2019 - 9am - 5pm

Tuesday 31 December 2019 - 9am - 5pm

Wednesday 1 January 2020 - CLOSED

Thursday 2 January 2020 - CLOSED

Friday 3 January 2020 - 9am - 5pm

Phones on the above days will only be manned from 8.30 am to 4.30 pm

Returning to normal hours Monday the 6 January 2020

Also just a reminder that Monday the 20 January 2020 is Wellington Anniversary Day and we will be CLOSED


“Kindly remember to request your repeat prescriptions before the holidays by either phone or Manage My Health.” 




NO PARKING at rear of building

Oct 25 2019

IBMC does acknowledge that Parking is difficult - more so since the cycle lane.

Sadly we must strictly enforce the "no parking"  at the rear of the Medical Centre - this parking is for Doctors, Ambulances and drop off or pick up only for our disabled patients.

There are two, at a squeeze three disabled car parks at the front of the building.

There are four signs advising of "Strictly No Parking" Please do not get offended if you are asked to move.

Thank you so much for your understanding



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